Avon Legend Awareness Group (ALAG)- the Drama club, functioning under the aegis of the association, identifies and fosters the histrionic talents and tastes of the students, conducts theatrical activities and encourages literary taste among the students. It helps in inculcating team spirit in the student community and enables them to experience the reality of literary works close at hand. A list of a few realizations by the group:


1.  Counts Revenge(1993)
2.  Bishops Candlesticks(1995)
3.  Julius Caesar(1997)
4.  Tempest (1998)
5.  Macbeth (1999)
6.  Merchant of Venice (2000)
7.  Open Window Continued (2001)
8.  Count of Monte Cristo (2006)
9.  King Lear (2007)
10.La Bella Dame Sans Merci (2008)
11.Antigone (2010)
12.Hayavadana (2011)
13.Blood Weeding(2012)
15.Lear By Edward Bond (2016)