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English literary association had its inception in 1969 along with the commencement of BA English, Language & Literature programme. The association has been formed with the intention of catering to the co-curricular tastes and talents of the students. It has been instrumental in planning and organizing different programmes throughout the academic year.

Following are the events conducted by the English literary association Devamatha college every year.

1.Drama Presentations
2.Inter-collegiate Literary Quiz Competitions
3.Inter-collegiate Dissertation Competition
5.Res Novae – A Literary Festival

Avon Legend Awareness Group (ALAG)- the Drama club, functioning under the aegis of the association, identifies and fosters the histrionic talents and tastes of the students, conducts theatrical activities and encourages literary taste among the students. It helps in inculcating team spirit in the student community and enables them to experience the reality of literary works close at hand. A list of few realisations by the group:

1.Counts Revenge(1993)
2.Bishops Candlesticks(1995)
3.Julius Caesar(1997)
4.Tempest (1998)
5.Macbeth (1999)
6.Merchant of Venice (2000)
7.Open Window Continued (2001)
8.Count of Monte Cristo (2006)
9.King Lear (2007)
10.La Bella Dame Sans Merci An Adaptation of Keats’ famous poem with the same name(2008)
11.Antigone (2010)
12.Hayavadana (2011)
13.Blood Weeding(2012)
15. Lear By Edward Bond (Due in January 2016)


Inter -collegiate literary quiz instituted in 1999 in honour of Prof. K. M. Chacko (Head of the Department 1996-99), provides a platform for the students to test their literary genius.

3. Ka Tvastr (who is the artist par excellence?) – Inter Collegiate Dissertation Competition

This venture, first of its kind at its inception in 2008, intends to encourage students on research programme. Equally, it provides the candidates from various colleges with a chance to come in touch with the recent trends in literary studies.
It is conducted annually and the next is due in October 2015.


The literary association has been publishing a manuscript magazine, RAINBOW
since 1993 with contributions from students of the members of the association. It provides an outlet for the literary oeuvre of the budding litterateurs of the dept. This stands as the true symbol of our esprit de corps. As technology has overpowered in all realms of life, to emulate with the persisting scenario we have switched over our magazine to printed form from 2014-15 academic year onwards.


Res Novae, the Literary Festival hosted by the PG & Research Department of English, provides a platform for the culturally inclined to harness their aesthetic skills and an opportunity to venture beyond the mundane academic curriculum.
Res Novae an endeavour with a wide arena of enthralling and exotic literary events had its commencement in 2013.The second edition of the same was conducted in Jan 2015.The next edition is due in 2017.



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